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Where do you want to spend your 50%?

How important is a positive working environment really?

When your consider that your employees spend up to 50% of their waking hours in the working environment it really needs to be a place that are happy to go into every day.

When they have a smile on your face when they come to work they are going to work harder, interact with their colleagues better and ultimately be happier at their work.

And this doesn’t need to be expensive to achieve – some simple touches – such as fun games or gadgets for down time - free fruit or drinks or arranging staff lunches.

Think about the appearance of the environment as well –how good is the natural light and state of the décor?. Adding art to the walls or allowing personal effects on desks will significantly improve the feel and ambience of your workplace.

Being surrounded by engaging activities and productive people will make hard and busy days easier to deal with.

And if you’re really inventive - one of the design agencies I know even have their own dog in the office - which is perfect for down time and de-stressing!

Quite simply - if you improve your work environment – you’ll improve performance.

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