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The Power of just Ten Minutes More

But Ten Minutes More of what exactly?!

I should have predicted that having a quirky business name would lead to a few raised eyebrows, puzzled looks and lots of questions. Even the well meaning gentleman in the Post Office handed me my package today and commented ‘whatever will they come up with next?'


The queue was too long to start explaining so I'll do it here....

Ten Minutes More is about creating employees and employers who are engaged and motivated, raring to go on a Monday morning and wanting to give and be that little bit more.

That little bit more could be 5, 10 or 15 minutes but this small change can make a huge difference to their work and productivity but also to them personally.

And eliciting these precious extra ten minutes isn’t all that difficult. It’s all about:

  • Rewarding and recognising your team for what they contribute
  • Developing them to be the very best they can be and
  • Creating a happy workplace that they can thrive in

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be all done at once. Small incremental changes will compound to make a huge difference to morale, engagement and productivity.

And now for the maths bit...

If you can nail this – and based on my rudimentary calculations that extra ten minutes of productivity and commitment daily will lead to an increase of 50 minutes per week which is 2,300 minutes or 38 hours a year – the equivalent to one whole working week – all for just Ten Minutes More a day.

Think what you could achieve if you can achieve this with every member of your team and then even for a small business it starts to look like something that’s worth investing in.

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