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The One Simple Thing your Team Really Want.

I am prone to taking advice. A lot of advice. Which isn’t always a good thing.

I love the philosophy of Employee Engagement. Not only do happy people produce better results but surely being happy in the place you spend the majority of your waking hours is somewhat of a human right. 

I have also seen first hand how simple changes have made teams and individuals engaged (aka happy) so this was it. The blueprint for my new business, my raison d’être, my purpose and my Simon Sinek why ?

I would revolutionise the working lives of millions and single-handedly create thriving happy workplaces which ultimately would make this world an infinitely better place. (Yes … I had a dream!) 

So buoyed with start-up confidence and notebook in hand I decided that rather than talking to bosses I should probably talk to the employees themselves. 

And so I did, I talked to a lot of them. Which was probably a mistake.

We’re going to create happy workplaces: “but do you still have to do your work?”


We’ll create rewards that teams really want and are not just about eating and drinking: "Really?? People would actually prefer that?


We’ll help people feel happy to give a little bit more: “I’m not giving anything more - I haven’t had a pay rise in three years.”

Oh..... Ok then. My vision was getting a little blurred.


Until it was handed to me in that proverbial nutshell: 

“Heather –I just think that if I knew my boss gave a toss about me – it would make all the difference.”

Bingo! Everyone needs to feel loved and valued - right?

And to get this warm and fuzzy feeling you need to be recognised and rewarded for the contribution that you make to the business where you spend the majority of your waking hours. 

You also need to feel that your employer wants you to be great and is committed to helping you progress and develop into they very best person you can be. 

In short - everyone deserves to have a great day at work - to leave at the end of the day feeling that they have contributed to something worthwhile, that someone noticed and yes – that someone gave a toss.


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