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Six Reasons HR Managers are benefitting from getting creative

I admit it – there are many deep breaths taken and eyes rolled when teams enter a training room and are asked to take their shoes off, to introduce themselves to the group or even sight read a Shakespearian Sonnet!

But for those that are willing to push themselves and try something new a creative approach delivers fantastic results that are definitely worth taking that small leap of faith for.

Here’s why:

It’s memorable – we’ve all seen the look on faces when you send teams in for training! Everyone has been trained and trained to the nth degree but the fresh new approach that an arts-based programme brings sparks immediate interest and so engages and enthuses participants from the start.

It’s professional – you are working with creative professionals who are experts in their field. Voice coaches who train Hollywood actors; theatre directors who mould groups of complete strangers into a fully functioning ensemble in a matter of weeks or choir masters whose day-job it is to enthuse and motivate and inspire. These unique skills are relevant and vital to the corporate world and easily transferable

It’s not competitive –team-building through activities such as paintballing or raft building can be very competitive and physical. This can fuel resentment and actually give employees the perfect opportunity to settle old scores! Result - a more, not less, functioning team.
Arts-based teambuilding activities are about innovation and collaboration allowing individuals to build on each other’s ideas and skills and recognise that many different contributions are needed to create something really special.

It’s an experience - arts-based activities require you to ‘show up’, get involved be challenged rather than just sitting and and listening. Everyone knows that experiential learning like is far more powerful than ‘chalk and talk’ and it is when we are in the stretch zone that we learn and develop.

It’s relevant – whilst the word arts may make you think of painters, ballerinas or orchestras what’s on offer now it’s much broader than that. Programmes can be developed that incorporate art forms as diverse as DJing, Comedy, Film, and Digital Art and more making it relevant and exciting to your team.

It’s fun – last but not least it’s really good fun and everyone learns best when they are having fun.

Go on - you'll not regret it - take the creative leap!

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