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Sing and You're Winning

With Gareth Malone’s excellent The Naked Choir reaching it’s finale on BBC2 this week more businesses than ever are approaching Ten Minutes More looking for shared creative experiences like work place choirs to boost workplace morale and employee health and well being. 

But apart from developing an individual's dulcet tones what else do these initiatives actually bring to the business?

Team Building and Confidence
We know that happy people give better results and setting up a workplace choirs or creative projects bond teams by taking part in a shared experience, which breaks down barriers and strengthens team identity. Traditional hierarchy is removed and through working together towards a common goal individuals realise that by drawing on their own and each others strengths something amazing can be achieved.

Creative Thinking
We all have a primal need to have fun and be creative. When singing we relax, unwind and the challenges of the workplace can seem much more manageable. By offering employees a creative outlet their creative muscles are strengthened meaning new ideas are nurtured and released in the workplace, positivity increases and people start to innovate a lot more.

Medical Benefits
Singing has been shown to improve both physical and mental health. In January 2010 Tenovus Cancer Care set up a choir for people affected by cancer to see if this could work as an alternative support group.
The health and wellbeing of participants was measured before, during and at the end of the choir's three month period. The study showed the choir brought significant improvements in social function, mental health and even a reduction in perceived pain by the participants. Those taking part in the choir that previously had conditions of anxiety and depression reported that these were also reduced.

Bottom Line
And it’s not just great for teams it’s great for the bank manager too - the business results speak for them self. Cardiff based Sing & Inspire worked with Firstsource’s Cardiff-based contact Centre to try and engage staff and improve customer experience, quality and attrition. Following a six month project, the business reported a direct improvement of 10% in sales and outages and a quality score increase of 8%.

So to sum up - workplace choirs and similar creative endeavors can bond teams, improve communication and morale, strengthen team identity and even improve physical health and well being. And if this wasn't reason enough the knock on effects can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

But above all - they make your people really happy and that has to be the most important thing.

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