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New approaches for Employee Mental Health & Well-Being

This week was World Mental Health day and also the week that Ten Minutes More launched a workplace choir programme for one of Northern Ireland’s largest employees Allstate to join the existing choir for Women in Business and the one that made me adore my job last week with Bank of Ireland.

It just felt like a perfect fit and proof that this kind of experience really does go hand in hand with improving the daily working lives and well-being of employees.

In 2008 the New Economics Foundation identified five really simple actions that can improve well-being in every day life and the good news is they can be easily transferred into the workplace.

1. Connect – building supportive and lasting social relationships and lasting social relationships that go beyond career-related and material goals.  

It was lovely to watch each group of 40 or so employees come together over a lunchtime to do something together. Particularly with larger organisations this easily facilitated activity brings together people from different facets of the business or with the Women in Business choir from different businesses entirely. The opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones has a huge impact on one’s well-being.

Also consider: Book Clubs, Film Nights, Bring and Share Lunches

2. Be active: to engage in physical activity and, by extension, to achieve mastery of a physical process.

Our recent team building experience we delivered for Ulster Bank was an exhilarating physical, experience. The obvious achievement felt by the participants through the energy required and the mastery of the dance moves was clear to see along with the crucial element of fun and creating something pretty impressive together. You can see the video here.

Also consider: Ping Pong leagues, Lunchtime walks, Keep fit classes

3. Take notice: to practice awareness of sensations, thoughts and feelings and to reflect on matters that go beyond mediatised and commercialised flows.

There is a huge current interest in meditation and mindfulness and other practices which encourage self reflection and awareness. New York (where else!) has its own Mindfuless studio where you can book a cushion for just $10 to take a break from the day, connect and revitalise. With guidance, not a difficult thing to replicate in your own office perhaps?

Also consider: Quiet rooms, Yoga, Workplace massages, Art classes

4. Keep learning: to try something new, to rediscover an old interest, to take on a new responsibility or to gain a new skill.

Aligning learning with your own goals and interests will increase well-being and gives you a greater ability to cope with stress. It will also improve feelings of self-esteem, hope and purpose. As Henry Ford said “Anyone who stops learning is old. Whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in live is to keep your mind young. Find the right topic and you'll reap the benefits.

Also consider: guest speakers, lunchtime workshops, grown-up show and tell

5. Give: to behave cooperatively, to help one another and to seek reciprocity and engage in mutual exchange.


Workplace challenges and sponsorship initiatives can blend teams and give them a common purpose to work towards. If you move away from more competitive approaches to creating something positive – team members will experience a sense of ownership and pride. With Christmas approaching – what could your team achieve?


Also consider: charity balls, volunteering, environmental clean ups

If you’re interested in developing programmes that can address one or more of these five simple actions in a creative approach - get in touch and we’ll grab a coffee. We’re confident we can help!

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