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It's not about being Justin Bieber

- it's about employee engagement,

team building & happy people.

I don't sing. I honestly can not hold a note. I was once asked to stop singing so loudly in assembly because I was spoiling it (Yes - that one comment has stayed with me 30 years later!) 

But as I got older I realised how much I love singing. Regardless of how terrible I am at it. I'm the mum beaming and singing along in the front row when the school choir sings, at weddings, funerals and baptisms - it's always the singing that makes it mean something to me and reduces to me to tears and yes, when no one's watching or listening , I'm cleaning the house, pretending I'm 18 years old and singing along to Radio 1.

That is why I wanted to put together Ten Minute More's workplace choir initiatives because I really believe the simple act of singing together can make a huge difference to workplace happiness. 

We've worked with some amazing people, to put together this programme who of all can sing really well but more importantly they know how to enthuse people, how to bring the best out of them and how to make it easy for them to be brilliant. 

A choir in your workplace will be an amazing, uplifting experience for everyone involved that will help with team-building, employee engagement and health and well-being in the workplace.

What would you rather? A lunchtime spent moaning about your job, surfing the internet and staring into a tuna sandwich or an hour of re-energising yourself, connecting with your team and releasing happy hormones?

Seems an easy choice to me!

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